Project Ramadan: How can Data explain the Quran?

During this holy times and with some enthusiasm for Data, I cant help but raise the question: How can Data Explain the Quran? Imagine a Dataset with four columns: Word, Verse/Aya, Soora and Juz. Basically the Quran is structured into 'Soora' which comprise 'Aya' or verse which comprise Words. Moreover, it is also divided into … Continue reading Project Ramadan: How can Data explain the Quran?

North African Countries in USD

Hey there, This is my very first blog post and my first attempt to analyse a dataset post learning python. I have recently joined the Kaggle community as well as Github and slowly finding my way through them! As an Egyptian working in Finance, I found the Africa Economic, Banking and Systemic Crisis Data quite … Continue reading North African Countries in USD