North African Countries in USD

Hey there,

This is my very first blog post and my first attempt to analyse a dataset post learning python. I have recently joined the Kaggle community as well as Github and slowly finding my way through them!

As an Egyptian working in Finance, I found the Africa Economic, Banking and Systemic Crisis Data quite interesting to investigate!

Now this dataset has a lot of juice to squeeze which I will be posting about in the future but for now I was able to compare North African Currency(in USD) from 1860 – 2014.

The Dataset was clean and needed no work in that area however it displayed the usd exchange rate in the country’s local currency so I had to change the local currency to USD by dividing it by 1.

df['exch_ccy_usd'] = 1/df['exch_usd']


  1. Tunisia’s currency was able to “outperform” the rest of North African Countries with Egypt being second currency in terms of USD price.
  2. There is a definite decrease in Egypt’s currency during the end of the 1970s and around the 1990s where Tunisia was able to maintain its currency’s worth.
  3. Tunisia currency was able to bounce during the end of 1960s.




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